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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 13, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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whittle the eye. hahahahahaha justin antibiotic is just that a head over to the us embassy has let us enter jc john kerry is speaking after his meeting with the russian foreign minister said that roberts was sent to me today i think it's fair to say that russia and united states are in full agreement on the number of points. we are in full agreement that the violence the death in the needless suffering and syria must come to an end. we are in full agreement that
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the humanitarian crisis. he's not only affecting millions of syrian people. but also those in neighboring countries like turkey lebanon and jordan. and this dislocation. this disruption is absolutely unacceptable we're in full agreement that the resolution of this conflict. must be peaceful that there isn't a military solution. and we're in full agreement that we need to make it our best efforts from the moment that we announce this. last spring in moscow. for now we must continue our best efforts. in order to try to bring the parties to geneva and forge forward. for all of the reasons i decided we are in full agreement. that we have to do all we can in order to. begin the process
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of duty. a process that we all understand will be difficult and will take some time. so we must begin we must begin now. in the days leading up to the dialogue that will begin in march for switzerland. the united states will continue to consult or a closely with our international partners including ambassador bridge amy and our russian counterparts. then we will also keep in very close contact with the syrian coalition. i will be meeting later today. with presents are bought. and with other ministers here and there is interest. well the united states believes that the only precondition for participating in geneva to conference. should be support of the geneva one communique it is hard to see how
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the regime the terror. it does not have within it and see the ability to improve the situation on the ground improve the climate. that could give. participate in this sense with. with so the good faith that people are looking for in this situation. there should be no further delay in our judgment in ending the aerial bombardment of troops and civilians in the use of starvation as a weapon of war we believe that the basic disregard for human rights human dignity that we are witnessing in the area. nice to come to an end. i discussed with mr lover of the ways that we can work together to try to ensure by the way. there are on both sides. abuse is known to be clear this is not one sided
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we are reading accounts of some of the extremists of the opposition side engaging against each other. and engaging in atrocities against each other. and it is that widespread gone that is motivating wallace here. to believe in the urgency of trying to bring this to oppose there is no question but that the ultimate path in order to end the bloodshed and suffering of the brutality and instability it's true that kind of negotiated settlement that we are trying to reach through the implementation of the geneva communique bringing the two sides together. be in order to begin these conversations is absolutely critical. and i think minister lot of rough and i both understand. that the united states and russia
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need to use the good offices of our countries and our relationships in order to encourage the parties although parties. all of the interested players to come to the table in order to engage in this dialogue and we have both agreed today that we will exercise our best efforts in order to do that. it's our hope that the in the face to face meeting of the regime and the opposition will be the beginning. the beginning of the end of this unspeakable conflict. russia in united states also agreed that it is the parties in the air. who must come to a conclusion. we are not standing here. proclaiming or suggesting some kind of russia on the american and other. i'll come to be imposed in any body this is something the party is gonna have to negotiate on. so we
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will use every effort at our disposal to use our offices are good offices. in an effort to try to encourage the parties to come to the kind of conclusion ultimately it's up to the syrian people themselves to decide the future and the political path forward the international community has an all important role play and pressing for that agreement. in the leadership of the united nations and russia together with our good efforts are going to be critical to that effort lemme just say a couple quick things today we discussed a number of things that we think it helped set the stage for success in geneva and success is defined by a good beginning. it is not defined in the beginning by a final outcome that is going to take some time. can we acknowledge that. we talked today about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease fire. maybe
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a localized cease fire beginning with a level. and both of us and agreed to try to work to see if that could be achieved. the opposition has already agreed that if the asa regime are willing to declare that they would look up to it. and they're prepared to do that. we also discussed the possibility of prisoner exchanges. and we have discussed that with the opposition the opposition has declared that they are prepared to put together lists. they are prepared to entertain. this education finally we discussed the all important issue of humanitarian access i'm pleased to say that the provost allow growth indicated that he's had some conversations with a regime that the regime may be prepared. that opened up a number of areas specifically is going to which we have been pushing for for some period of time. and it may be possible for convoys now to be a lot access to proof will
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be in the pudding as we say the proof will be in the actions that may or may not be taken in the days ahead. but this is just as news of the possibility is welcome. and we look for it to working with our russian counterparts in an effort to try to follow through on it the anguish of the syrian people. demands action our global responsibilities which we accept that demands action our conscience. collectively demands action. so it is imperative for all the us. of that. we tried to push towards the peace and stability the people of syria long for and deserve and the stability that the region all of those countries affected most adversely jordan lebanon turkey and others. they also need to
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find stability and peace in this process. it's time for the syrian people to be able to chart the future for themselves. were all syrians have to say the state in their nations. the success and we believe that we can help them. you start to walk down that path with our actions today but most importantly with what can begin in march were moved to geneva. from this tomorrow the symbolism of them are disposed of. thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. we were there we will always use the latest news to mr goes to show up. our goal and being very instructive. sutures to delay would assign a home with mr kerry says that winds up so quickly with
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the presentation was up and ask them why is it that it will cost the citizens of the very heart of our nation talks. they wanted to share of preparing geneva today. a generous already sent out invitations. answer in the men's hats outside of the valley and has already disclosed the midst of its delegation included which includes two women in fact and right now. our main concern is the fact that the opposition has yet to answer. his night i made a delegation of thing nationals are in coalition with us and our little charmer. and we told them to play him as the wheel or eight. we called only national cornish and to act swiftly on site to incorporate with the other delegations. we would like to hand. at a coalition of delegation. budgets were presented to the recent past was the case in june twenty
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thirteen. when leo doherty made this very point. we talked with mr caring about several important issues. and we have reached an agreement first it was nice. we are in favor of holding this apparent racial round of talks in geneva on the twenty sixth of ten right. and like upbringing has provided us with information about organizational problems. so we are remaining embrace to watch has begun and we firmly support for the meeting to be held to the knowledge precinct of chancery. we have virtually no position to really assess it once again with respect to you the russian poland. thanks to achieve is too messy dedicated to implementing the most current ideology
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the fall ones. only sector that you'd prefer to expect exchanges of prisons a ceasefire and humanitarian aid for people who requires once more however than john kerry's its new album which we do not want to wait respect to use it. facing these issues we can reduce it all sorts of things. before the entry hall and the tuesdays with the talks was held. we are working on ensuring that negotiations on a ceasefire in exchange of prisoners. you won't. we also use when talking about the height of the civilian population so we're continuing to work and would like to. and why does the opposite when you mention i need to exceed its population eric awesome. in the areas with them either by government forces or
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opposition forces. and we agree with the american dream is to act jointly the coolest you don't like sewing cabinet since it was willing to wait so cute and i need to reach at least three areas where it is badly needed to stop and think ariel sharon government said it was willing to sit up. it was so cold rush of the undiscovered countries. king kong oration with opposition forces the conditions but unable to attend i need to be approved lines to provide his chief of tying in other areas in the stokes area. soaiti for the opposition to the on site. some signs still concerned about the opposition will keep on working on these topics. well talking about preliminary conditions can be faulty conference is held in geneva this is one that will enable
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the truth and truth. i ate all the civilian population we keep on working to control it. apparently. we go on one small. nicholas is still good. so what doe it your presence. referring to the shiites treatment. and when. yea it's cold. only certain government and opposition to meet you. it contains going to fight the terrorists. it's a very important point. why still be noted positive outcome. she does. geneva to conference and comment on a confirmed he stays or goes to farewell the deal position. polls cited. it is very worried about you. jihadist this operation is italy areas in syria. therefore once more
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we are still waiting for a post of angst from the position in respect to possibly change in geneva to you. i will link to our percentage of delegations something is always very important cause of conservation or concrete. in this respect. we believe it could be very important when shawl around in saudi arabia it's a news conference. we hope that the secret year old who is sending out limitations to this conference will lose in fine too. it may well do you go. i am such a role to play you in this situation. it is accordingly on to my chin and what's with the way how negotiations have been doing for the weekend of the chinese consulate racing generally. i was convinced that we will continue to do every weekend to kick stop
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the sparse as jonah sortie state. it will not be easy this is gonna take time to see all the most important is ranked as diary by an aunt is the standard among experienced to be able to reach an agreement. only the future of their country and we will all help them to do so. i really didn't want to you. details to come to you. minister lavrov called he likened it to induce you think. for these vary your support and extend job here is to have had a slow morning to discuss concepts. i think that term. i wasleased to inform you all. all that preparation time. as for the meeting in malta. on the twenty second of june already. and that in
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the preparation is also for the direct negotiations between the government and field position and syria kyle reese was petitioned by boston united nations in geneva on top of the twenty fourth. not extremely grateful to you for the airport. due to all countries together with many other countries. keep writing no keypad. that is close to the topmost here for the confidence to take place in moncton a time when the negotiations to stop in geneva on the twenty four. in particular the second round has been courting for some humanitarian. the real actual actions toe taken by the government in particular but also by their position no surname. prisoner exchange. humanitarian access
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congo national seize fire causing wide as possible and didn't even know can cease fires with the wind come. so i'm looking forward to what can be done. don't you can always enter years before the conference that there's an optional immediately after the conference takes place the hope of his confidants concrete measures. we also contribute to create the necessary most feared for these negotiations are to succeed. we heard today that the psalm eight he's going into. animal augustinian that fiji had camped near the mosque is. we also let happy to hear all the negotiations that have taken tuesday elected government. and some armed groups. on the damascus
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these shows is that the law can be done to alleviate the sufferings have been inflicted on the city and cute. we hope that peace is beginning to him be built on use color in the coming few days before to me that during his bath and got off to geneva to send secretary of state the syrian people and can take. that's a hint of their own hands. time to start bidding was a haunting you. syria has to be used by them and buy her new from my mouth. i think that the syrians recall realize that the use of the seriousness of the cousins have being doing so in the center. diaz. it is such that they need a model
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from outside. from countries like the united states and russia the p five. and that a neighbor it's time to go to it's high time. then the neighbors the shawl. what does mrs you see the movie imagination creativity. to have that syria solve its problems because the city of cancun you is it any longer him and his cousins cousins is going to take them. he lauded the african coast of the monster have seen him sitting in an apartment and into your soul. without knowledge. looking forward to his conference on the twenty second. we called the countries that are going to be the loser always be a sensitive to on qantas unions it was not that these negotiations on the basis of the communique often you know
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i'm the second of june. and once again i thank you detailed statement mr lavrov told you so fortunate to have given you joining us to discuss. some of you thank you very much thank you very much mr dawson and probing questions. the first question will be friend karen dionne of the washington post. thank you the first to master regime he said he would welcome a rounds participation in the guineas into talks with the united states did not agree and mr rss stands for and participation the united states is that you are the host and the anti un decision. if you believe it would be helpful. why don't you invite them. and secondly to foreigners for government secretary kerry. you've spoken about confidence building steps to harness your laughter your country has bitter experience with seats and starvation. he just spoke about lifting the siege
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of each he's content and other places. can you type tell us anything more about your conversations with the syrian government. and you think there should be consequences for failure to allow such access. nt secretary kerry again could you talk about whether there should be consequences for failure to allow access for humanitarian aid and separately since opposition fighters are divided among themselves into warring factions. can you guarantee that the rebels would honor any ceasefire. did you listen close was the school's recreations. it is true without her. the second two genres united nations. and i am with you. i've been seeing it is a very important country in the region and
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that the earth. they have to be present in a conference like geeks. it is true also that it is the second to john yoo who has sent the invitations too. you might too. the agreement has been cut to the decision would be taken by a consensus between the initiating states which outgrowth of peace conference which on the show and the united states and to a host of the conference and the content of the conference which is denied that the united nations discussions on the functioning of the two countries. i hope that the move to colorado the right decision were to take pics. you go along doust. well guys usually in the united nations. and trust
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to do the hard spanks then rush out with full respond to it. we hope the right decision will be taking solace in recent years. this is because we are so going on links. sort of ideological considerations. why on our positions we are negotiating with their antics. with respect to nuclear issue there have been told is between iran and the united states for a stake to the fact that american forces on. in the room. their act it says i'm convinced that the syrian crisis is just as important an issue as iran's nuclear program. and in my opinion. every country they can help in this situation such as saudi arabia prince and should be about respect to human tonight. i would
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like to cite as you yourself pointed out. unfortunately they lost all five groups and the opposition movement is not a unified front seats emo. therefore students. you never know. that old. a multitude of small groups such as the islamic studies human time the islamic from soulful so small. organize nations people. when fight is moving from one faction to another according to how much i doubt i need to have a lot of is to loosen rings. when you can add to the islamic front. i am calling on the floor and is to come and join them this is the only
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pitfall. usually just talking about the is its proposition as being able to pull off sale. chad is this misguided option in a week on really see any difference between them. so when you talk about mostly ceasefire. we'll have to sit up. because cease fires would enable the pirates areas to be able to receive humanitarian aid we of course need to take into account all these factors. come now. these. on the opposition side to you at the free syrian army. the old son. he is smiling. i mean no limit on the rack. we believe that moment as strong now. we said to me take all that into account what we don't want to do is to issue new rules to
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claim a ceasefire and one on the condition to profiting from the ceasefire. it suggests. and when we talk about a ceasefire as providing humanitarian aid police above mentioned factors need to be taken into account control. carrots. and now there are already in some polls. often agreements the students there and see where it is something come into recession and i've managed to reach an agreement it is not able to meet and i need to provide it. today the government has announced that two unusual yellow would receive. in it and i when to say. palestinian refugee camp it's about opposition fight is still the rent and humanitarian convoy from ensuring that kind the government has been shortened told us it will provide you turn eight in
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other areas. and wouldn't you could also earn. it's to concentrate in the international red cross is in operation. most of its east and go town with russia's gold. as well as all of the united states. and when to talk about the consequences should such as denying the humanitarian aid helping provide a welcome bc. in my opinion. we really need to focus on the civilian population the weekend off think about. salt off. in retaliation. tenacious fight to stop painting this unit in aid from being provided the cheese. with two of them can carry and stops mendez had been killed already
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the ball. what started as just described is precisely why is so urgent to be able to end this conflict. and for countries to come together an irresponsible way. and try to seperate the existing john kerry speaking at the us embassy here in paris following his meeting with russian foreign minister said in the probably talking a bit more about that. manassas the chief foreign editor robert parkinson just a few minutes we're back with the next election after the break dc ten. because you pray to st kitts was in the day. cos breaking news on wednesday. so much. either or situation. stocks. for it
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good news. since it is becoming more and more. among russians abroad. couples wait for the production of beer products exports a third of output stay with him and has already forced the company's management to rethink about expanding even further. one of the largest dairy plants which apostles today produces about twenty kinds of its products as of now the demand is stable so the management wants to expand the business no quota was installed in the production plant things to state


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